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Terms and Conditions

-The rate includes breakfast, WIFI Internet connection in the designated areas, hotel insurance, and free parking.


-Meals. The lodging concept at Cabañas Viga Vieja is based on giving independence to the visitors' experience so that they can enjoy the place as if it were their own home or farm. In that sense, lodging includes breakfast, and for the rest of the meals, we offer the following options:


Delicious food kits with almost ready-to-eat options.


You are welcome to bring food to prepare your meals.


Guests are provided with the home phone numbers of supermarkets, stores, and a motorcycle taxi driver that can deliver their orders.


-We love pets; however, they're not allowed as our farm dogs could pose risks to other animals.


-We are in an area of rest, disconnection, and surrounded by incredible flora and fauna. Out of respect for nature and other guests, parties and loud music are not allowed.

-Persons other than guests, such as companions, friends or acquaintances, are not allowed on the premises.


Check-in time is 3:00 pm, and check-out time is 12:00 m. If you do not check out after 12:00 m and there is no prior communication informing us of any eventuality that prevents you from making that check-out, the value of the next night will be charged to your bill.


-Reception service hours are until 6 pm. If your arrival time is outside this range, you must call 318 3533950 within at least 24 hrs to coordinate your reception.


-All children under 18 must be accompanied by their parents or a responsible adult who, by legal means, can guarantee their relationship with the minor. In case of being a third party, they must produce a letter signed by both parents authorizing the minor's accompaniment. If a parent is absent, the appearing one must attach a supporting document. Furthermore, in strict compliance with Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, and Law 1336 of 2009 on the prevention of exploitation, pornography, and sexual tourism of minors, Viga Vieja rejects and denounces any suspicious behavior in this sense.




-CLIMATE: The farm is located in a tropical zone with a temperate climate where there can be a lot of sunshine and sometimes rain. We recommend you have adequate clothing for both climates and bring insect repellent.


-INSECTS: The cabins have a fumigation plan inside the cabins to avoid the presence of flying and crawling insects. However, outdoor areas are not fumigated so as not to affect the fauna of the farm. This is why, on occasion, some harmless bugs may appear.


-ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: We want the Viga Vieja Vieja experience to connect and sensitize people to nature. Please follow these simple practices that minimize the possible negative impact of travelers on the environment:


  • Be careful with water consumption from showers and faucets.

  • Turn off the pool heating system when the temperature is optimal and no longer in use.

  • Turn lights on only when necessary and in spaces that are being used.

  • Do not play loud music because it greatly affects the place's animals.

  • Care for and protect the flora and fauna species in the surroundings of the cabins and trails.

  • Use the garbage cans according to the indications.

  • Organic waste is used to compost and generate fertilizer for the plants on the farm. We'll appreciate you separate it in the bin provided for this purpose.

  • Set aside glass containers to be recycled

  • If you are bringing food to prepare, please take back any excess animal protein, as we do not have bins to dispose of this type of waste.

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