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These experiences are optional and additional. They invite you to have a reunion with your soul. It is necessary to reserve the experiences before your arrival.


-Hiking through the farm. This experience lived through the trails of the farm invites you to breathe clean air and gaze at birds, trees, and animals while connecting with nature. There is no added cost.


-Healing Therapy: This beautiful experience invites you to find yourself through a space of reflection and conversation with Andres, spiritual guide and head of the Viga Vieja Family, who channels or transmits messages from the universe for each person. Andres will support your personal process in a conversation with your own soul. A transforming and healing experience for individual and spiritual growth. Duration: 90 minutes for a single person or couple. Price: COP$ 130 thousand per person.


- Ritual of Desires: the story goes that in Viga Vieja, there is a very special place where you take a deep breath, calm your mind, and let go of your fears, emotions, and worries... A place and a beautiful ritual where you leave your wishes represented in colorful ribbons, full of light and love. A necessary experience to get out of your routine, connect with the four elements and renew yourself with the energy of the majestic Saman Tree of Wishes.


Duration: 90 minutes.

Price: COP$120 thousand per person and 180 thousand per couple.

Includes: Ritual Elements, Souvenir of the Earth, and Organic Tea from the Orchard.

Guided by:  Ana Verónica Robledo M. Viga Vieja Family.

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A space to calm your mind and develop your creativity through a different experience with a beautiful material: leather. This class, guided by Pablo Mejía Montes, Viga Vieja Family, will teach you calmness, patience, and how to make a basic knot and weaving, in addition to learning leather cutting and finishing techniques. In addition, it provides an approach to the basic tools of any expert craftsman. We hope you will gain knowledge and explore undiscovered skills with this class. It includes materials and a hot beverage. On top of all this, you will make two finished items you can take home with you!

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: 120,000 COP per person

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-Special occasion cabin decoration: Celebrate those special moments by giving a magical touch to the cabin. This service includes tropical flowers, ambiance elements, a sign, lights, and wine.

Value: COP$ 120,000


-Massages: Performed by our partner Sanita SPA Móvil.


Select the therapies that best suit your preferences to enjoy a relaxing session of 90 minutes with one of the following therapies or a mixture of 2 therapies of 45 minutes: VALUE COP$ 180.000


-Geothermal therapy: Relaxing massage of your back and neck with hot volcanic stones on a massage table.


-Thai Massage: Assisted stretching and sustained pressure that specifically benefits your muscular and joint system.


-Relaxing Massage: A "Full body" medium-pressure manual technique.


-Body Exfoliation: A blend of coffee and orange oil for a relaxing and exfoliating massage on the whole body, stimulating your blood circulation with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


-Reflexology and craniofacial massage: Anti-stress massage stimulating the meridians and energy points of the body.


-Sports massage: A specialized massage highly recommended to prevent injuries and recover muscle tissue.


-Balinese therapy: Body wraps of mud, aloe, or chocolate with Congo leaves and body massage: 45 min COP$ 110.000


-Couple plan: Geothermal therapy and reflexology with ambiance for two people simultaneously. 75 min COP$ 240.000


-Four hands massage: Manual technique with two simultaneous therapists. 75 min. COP$ 170.000


-Decontracting Massage: Deep tissue massage to relax the muscles at a localized level, electrostimulation, electric massagers with infrared lamp and moist heat. 90 min. COP$ 170.000


-Facial Treatment: Facial cleansing with vaporizer and mask according to skin type. 45 min. COP$ 90.000


-Facials: Lodotherapy, Chocolate therapy, or Aloe Vera as a complement to any massage COP$ 40.000

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