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Places of interest within the farm

Dreams´Workshop (Taller de sueños): Pablo is an artist, a leather craftsman, and part of the Viga Vieja family. His workshop is full of curiosities with which he makes the most beautiful leather products you can buy as unique handicrafts. You will also find a place to connect to the internet and work remotely.


The Wishing Tree (El Arbol de los Deseos): Let yourself be enveloped by the large natural umbrella of this beautiful Saman tree. An ideal space to meditate, pray, practice yoga, or simply contemplate life at its best.


Trails: Walk through the farm and enjoy flora and fauna of the area.


Organic vegetable gardens: One of our passions is vegetable gardens. We are convinced of the importance of consuming healthy products, preferably from nearby and well-known places.


Casa Principal Sunsets: The best place on the farm to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in the region. From there, you can see the mountains, the Nevado (snow-capped mountain) del Ruiz, and the municipalities of Chinchiná and Palestina.


Natural pools "puddles":


  • The main house has spectacular mountain views and a swimming pool for guests' use.

  • The "Puddle" in the middle of a forest

  • The water source pool in stone exclusive to Rustica Cabin

  • The swimming pool overlooks the guadua forest, exclusive to Cabaña Cimarrona.


They are part of the most remarkable areas of Viga Vieja since those enjoying its waters will have the experience of merging with nature.



Historical Center:


• Tourist information point in Manizales located in Ernesto Gutiérrez Park: They have updated information on places and tour operators. Telephone +576068733901


• Manizales Cathedral: Climb to the highest part of the Cathedral of the Plaza de Bolívar, to the Polish Corridor. It is located in the center of Manizales about 15 minutes from the farm. To visit you can go directly to the place and ask about the tour. When you leave the cathedral you can enter a cafe that is located right there in the cathedral which is very nice.


• In the Historic Center we recommend the Pastelería La Naturaleza. It is a place with a lot of tradition with delicious food.


• Take a trip on the Aerial Cable, the station you take is on Calle 31 and you can take a 25-minute trip to the Municipality of Villa María


Other places in Manizales


• Chipre

  • It is a Natural viewpoint to enjoy the view. It is very popular to eat “oblea), ice cream and drink coffee. It is about 20 minutes from the farm

  • Monumento a los Colonizadores. It is a large sculpture that shows the history of the mule drivers who colonized Manizales. They have a tourist tour

  • Torre al Cielo. It is a place to have another great view of Manizales


• Recinto del Pensamiento: Chairlifts, butterfly garden, orchid forests. It is located on the outskirts of Manizales on the route to Bogotá, about 40 minutes from the farm.


• Zona rosa El Cable: Shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. Located 30 minutes from the Estate


• Estrella and Milan Neighborhoods: Local restaurants


• Natural Public Park: Bosque Popular El Prado



Recommended food and drinks.


-La Beautiful: Special cuisine with a signature menu. Manizales Chef. It has a spectacular view. Reservation must be made.


-Ednia: Spanish food. It has a rich fusion in which they use many Colombian ingredients. Spanish/Manizales chefs husband and wife.


-Vino y Pimienta: Manizales chef with very creative proposals


-La Burguer: Very good quality fast food. Chef from Manizales


-La Chocolera Campestre: Typical food. It has a very nice view


-Vitta: Pizzeria and gelatos


-Traditional pastries:

  • La Suiza located in El Cable Neighborhood

  • Suzzette



-Bar: Alquimia Speakeasy. It is a hidden bar with signature cocktails.

Other nearby places:


• Los Nevados National Natural Park. It is located 1 hour and 30 minutes from the farm. You must pay an entrance fee and have a guide that is available there


• Termales del Ruiz: The most beautiful Hot Springs, day trip plan. It is located at 3,500 meters above sea level, 1 hour and a half from the farm via the Los Nevados National Natural Park


• Termales El otoño: Nearest hot springs, day trip plan.Located on the outskirts of the city, 45 minutes from the farm.


• Hacienda Venecia. They have a coffee tour. They are very close to the farm, about 10 minutes away. It is necessary to book the tour through the website.


Visit Small towns:


The most beautiful Town with unique architecture and not yet so touristy is called Salamina. It is a Heritage town. 1 hour:45 minutes from Manizales


Other nearby municipalities of Caldas:

. Chinchina 15 minutes away

. Palestine 30 minutes away

. Marseille 45 minutes away

. Neira 45 minutes away

. Villa Maria. You can go by aerial cable from the center of Manizales in a 20-minute journey


Nearby towns in Quindío: Very good access roads.

• Finland. Architecture and restaurants. 2 hours

• Salento and Cocora Valley: 2 hours

• Quimbaya

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